Heather is the heart and soul of Beauty Lab. What initially started as running a plastic surgeon’s Instagram, turned into Beauty Lab as we all know it.

Adrea nord

Andrea is what Heather refers to as “The X-Factor.” When Heather and Andrea decided to partner together and launch Beauty Lab + Laser as the anti-medspa, that is when the true magic happened.

Regan-Brooks-PA Salt Lake City,Utah

Regan was created from the dust by Heather, like Zeus in Clash of the Titans. Look at him now.

Weston Swindlehurst, APRN

Weston is a native of Utah. Growing up in Cedar City, Weston has always known that he was going to help people in the medical profession.

Chantel Duffey, NP

Chantel is a Nurse Practitioner and cosmetic injector, who joined our team in 2019. Chantel worked bedside Medical oncology for 10years before she became a Transplant Surgery NP.

Laura Savage

We like to think of Laura as our latest attraction at Sea World. We saw someone

Mark Francom, APRN, FNP

We hired Mark because of his good looks, dry humor, and medical cannabis knowledge. Mark lives in Payson and practices medicine in the UC, but we have convinced him to share the love up here in Salt Lake City and join us every week in making the world a better place through medical marijuana! Not only is he a board certified Nurse Practitioner, but he is crafty and funny. His first time at the Lab, he said he’s “never felt more alive.” He was born a BeautyLabber.

Jason Salt Lake City,Utah

Like many of you, we feel that the straight white male doesn’t get enough opportunities, so we carved out a spot for Jason here at the Lab. Blame it

Victoria Salt Lake City,Utah

A good instagram handle will get you an interview at Beauty Lab and if your injection work is as good as your IG feed you just might land the gig. 


Master Esthetician, CoolSculpting Specialist, Office Manager

Sam has been at the Lab longer than #Dreather. A fact that she makes clear to all of the employees through passive aggressive bossiness.