If you’re already getting Botox, Fillers, Laser, Skincare (or all of the above!) with Beauty Lab + Laser, why not access VIP pricing for services you’re already paying for? Open a Beauty Lab Bank and save!!! The Beauty Lab Bank is a monthly payment of $100, $150 or $200 a month that goes directly into your account with us, and you can bank that money to use toward any services or products with us. No contract, no hidden fees, every single dollar you put in goes toward what you want. Having a Beauty Lab Bank secures your VIP pricing for EVERYTHING here at the Beauty Lab. $11/unit Botox, $25-$100 off fillers and other injectables, 20% off skincare, laser, and wellness. Every time you come in for services, we will see what’s in your account and automatically apply those funds (and the discount) to your services. Not quite enough in your Beauty Lab Bank to cover what you want done? No problem. We will apply the money you do have in your bank, you pay the rest, and you still get the discount. Get set up on the Beauty Lab Bank and be our Beauty Lab Bestie WITH BENEFITS.
Want to receive services now and pay later? We recommend checking out Care Credit. Care Credit is a financing company just for health and cosmetics, and they offer 6 months no interest. We LOVE care credit. You can easily apply and get approved at carecredit.com.

VIP Pricing

  • Botox/Dysport $11/Unit
  • Mini Lip Plump $350
  • Mini Lip Plump™ Upgrade to Full $325
  • Full Lip Plump $600
  • Mega Lip Plump $750
  • Cheekbone Pop $750
  • Custom Contour $750
  • Nose Contour $850
  • Cheekbone Double Pop $1400
  • Check Your Bags $700
  • PuppetMaster $700
  • Mini Chin Up $550
  • ChinBella $1100
  • ThighBella $1100
  • BraBella $1100
  • BananaBella $1100
  • Slow and Steady Sculptra $750
  • Natural Pace Sculptra (2 Vials) $1400
  • Sculptra w/ PRP $900
  • BLBL $5500
  • PRF/PRP Hair Restoration $650
  • O-Shot $1100
  • Laser, Esthetics, Wellness 20% off Beauty Lab Pricing