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Beauty Lab Bright-Teeth Whitening Treatment

There’s yellow, there’s white, then there’s Beauty Lab Bright. Whiten your teeth without pain and sensitivity with this revolutionary dental treatment!

What is the Beauty Lab Bright?

Teeth whitening is a process where a bleaching agent, traditionally a pharmaceutical-grade Peroxide containing chemical stabilizers and heavy metals, either Hydrogen Peroxide or its derivative Carbamide Peroxide, is applied to the teeth to lighten them. The Peroxide will need to have direct and prolonged contact with the teeth in order to remain on the teeth until the peroxide can break down into hydroxyl molecules that will bind with the staining making them whiter. In short, a peroxide gel is applied to the teeth which break apart the carbon bonds that create yellow stains. Once the bonds are broken, they no longer reflect a yellow color.

Beauty Lab Bright is the first of its kind to use a non-toxic food grade Peroxide combination of the 2 Peroxides as well as a patented stain remover derived from coconuts, with added Vitamin C and carefully selected essential oils, to quickly and gently remove those stains beyond what we typically see from Peroxide alone, all without the side effects typically experienced with traditional teeth whitening. This revolutionary new teeth whitening is available in customizable in office and take-home options for maximum whitening and easy maintenance. Annie will help you develop a whitening plan that works well for your teeth and your lifestyle.  Start Pure Pro uses special laser light, our own patented Super Violet LED technology, to accelerate your whitening by reacting with the light reactive ingredient in our whitening gel to rapidly break down the Peroxides and double the hydroxyl molecule release, giving you a faster, more advance whitening. SUPER BONUS: Our patented Super Violet LED light technology has no harmful rays and as an added bonus, has rays specifically designed to kill bacteria and help regenerate tissue and collagen. Essentially, you will experience a mini spa treatment while having your teeth whitened! Total Rejuvenation!

How Long Does the Beauty Lab Bright Last?

The Beauty Lab Bright can have long-lasting results and truly depends entirely on the individual. Essentially, it’s like tanning, hair color, or working out. You will need to maintain it for your whitening to last and that maintenance is very different for everyone. Hereditary factors, chemistry, diet, staining foods like coffee, tea, red wine, soy sauce, curry, etc, tobacco, dental trauma, medications, and dental hygiene habits are all contributing factors to consider when establishing your maintenance routine. Start Pure Pro & Rejuvenate were designed with you in mind so that you can continue to; live your life, eating and drinking the things you love and still have that youthful white smile that everyone desires! Using the Nite & Day Take-Home Whitening Pens as daily stain erasers and the Rejuvenate Daily Whitening Mouth Rinse & Toothpaste twice per day will help to maintain and prolong your whitening results.

Does the Beauty Lab Bright Hurt?

Nope! Other whitening systems cause extreme sensitivity and can burn your gums. With the Beauty Lab Bright, there is little to no chance of sensitivity and/or gum discomfort. In rare cases (less than 10% of patients,)  there may be mild sensitivity in the first 24 hours of treatment, which should subside quickly.

Is There Any Downtime or Recovery After This Treatment? Is there anything I can’t eat or drink after whitening?

No downtime! You’re ready for the spotlight when you leave here! We will have you skip brushing your teeth for the rest of the day, and plan on light-colored food, drink, etc. for 48 hours after whitening.

Will teeth whitening whiten my dental work?

Beauty Lab Bright will remove stains and return your dental work to its original color, however, there are no whitening systems yet that can whiten beyond the original shade of any dental work, including crowns, veneers and fillings.

What is the difference between the Beauty Lab Bright and Zoom™?

Both are in-office teeth whitening systems. However, Using the Start Pure Pro System, the Beauty Lab Bright uses nature’s chemistry whereas other whitening systems use harsh chemicals that cause extreme sensitivity in most people. This unique patented advanced whitening recipe gives you amazing results without the sensitivity, and is customizable to meet your individual whitening needs, a first in the whitening industry! With an Easy-On-The-Go take-home whitening pens using ONLY a 2-MINUTE application. Versus 4-6 hours of wearing messy trays that often burn your gums and cause more teeth sensitivity.  The Beauty Lab Bright is specifically designed to be SAFE~FAST~EFFECTIVE~EASY~AFFORDABLE.

Zoom is an effective type of in-office teeth whitening that has been around forever and is typically associated with advanced dehydration of the enamel and extreme prolonged sensitivity. The Zoom appointment is typically much longer, 2.5-4 hours long depending on how much pain and sensitivity you can stand! Many patients are unable to complete their treatment due to pain and sensitivity. With Zoom it is highly recommended that you do 2 weeks of teeth desensitizing with Ibuprofen, ACP gel and a desensitizing toothpaste for 2 weeks both prior to treatment and following treatment.  Daily wearing of bleaching trays for 4-6 hours with bleach and an additional hour with desensitizing ACP gel is also recommended following traditional teeth whitening. This is NOT the case with Beauty Lab Bright- non-toxic, gentle all-natural teeth whitening.

How Much Does the Beauty Lab Bright Cost?

$350- 90 Minute Session

Glo Take-Home Whitening System   $250 (phone consult required,) $199 when added onto in-office treatment

How Long Will My Appointment Take?

The Full Beauty Lab Bright Treatment consists of 2 steps- one 20 minute session under the light, and a second 25 session under the light. Including prep and treatment, plan on about an hour to an hour and a half. Have an Audible book you’re listening to or a podcast you love? Bring your headphones or link up to our Bluetooth speaker and take advantage of the 45 minutes you have to relax!

Is There Any Prep For This Treatment?

Not really! Getting your teeth as clean as possible before whitening is a good idea though. You will be able to floss and rinse with a mouth wash as part of your prep in the office.

Are There Any Products I Should Be Using At Home?

We recommend the Glo Take-Home Whitening System which is $250 (phone consult required,) $199 when added onto in-office treatment.

Who performs this treatment at Beauty Lab + Laser?

Annie Palmer, R.D.H is our Dental expert here at Beauty Lab + Laser. She is medically supervised by Dr. Michael Wells, DDS.

What is the difference between the Beauty Lab Bright and other local Teeth Whitening Salons that use the DaVinici™ System?

The Beauty Lab Bright Treatment uses the Start Pure Pro system, which is only available to train and Licensed Dental Professionals. DaVinci teeth whitening, the system used by “whitening salons”, is a non-dental profession system. This means that those who perform the application are NOT dental professionals, and the ingredients are the same strength of ingredients you will find in teeth whitening systems sold at drug stores and grocery stores. With the DaVinici System, patients need at least twice as many applications to get results even close dental professional teeth whitening systems. Additionally, the DaVinci System uses a single blue light laser, while the Beauty Lab Bright includes the entire spectrum of blue, purple, and red laser light, giving it many additional benefits.

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