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Frax Facial

The Frax Facial is a laser treatment for the skin to help with texture, fine lines, and wrinkles.

What is the Frax Facial?

The Frax Facial is a laser treatment for the skin to help with texture, fine lines, and wrinkles.

How does Frax Laser work?

Frax 1550nm laser treatment works by creating very small, controlled areas  of heat damage, surrounded by healthy normal skin. When the body repairs  this controlled damage, collagen in the whole area treated is replaced,  reducing fine lines, wrinkles, scarring and stretch marks and leaves the skin  feeling tight and fresh.

How long do the results from the Frax Facial Last?

We recommend a series of 3 treatments, 4-8 weeks apart. Results can be seen in as soon as 4 weeks, and best results are seen 4-12 weeks after your third treatment. We recommend doing this series of treatments once a year once you have achieved your desired results.

Does the Frax Facial Hurt?

We have you come in 30 minutes before your appointment to numb using a topical numbing cream. Once you are numb, we will start the treatment. Most people feel heat during and after their treatment.

Who performs this treatment at Beauty Lab + Laser?

We have several AMAZING estheticians at Beauty Lab + Laser. Visit our “About Us” page and read about our laser and skincare gurus.

How much does the Frax Facial Cost?

The Frax facial is $500 per treatment, or can be purchased in a discounted package of 3 for $1250.

How long will my appointment take?

We will have you numb for 20-30 minutes, and the facial itself usually takes about 20-45 minutes.

Is there any prep for this treatment?

Drinking plenty of water 1 week before your treatment is highly recommended. The Frax laser is highly absorbed by water. The more hydrated you are the better your treatment. A few things to note before your appointment: If you have taken any photosensitizing medications, like antibiotics, you will need to wait 2 weeks from your last dose to be treated. We can’t treat skin that has any self tanning lotions, sprays or products on it. We can’t treat sunburned skin, or skin that has any open wounds or rashes. And if you have been on Accutane you will need to wait 6 months from when you stopped taking it to be treated. Other than making sure your skin is treatable, just come into your appointment and we will take care of the rest!

Is there any downtime or recovery after this treatment?

Most of our clients feel heat for the following 24 hours. We recommend avoiding exercise, hot yoga, saunas and hot tubs for the first 24 hours. You may have a little bit of redness, tenderness and texture for up to 7 days after your treatment, but most of our patients report feeling like they are back to normal after 3-4 days or so. You need to keep the treated area out of the sun for 2 weeks, post-procedure.

Are there any products I should be using at home?

We recommend using Alastin Nectar post-procedure, and carry many different medical grade skincare products your esthetician can recommend!

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