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Dermasound Facial

Good Vibes for Good Skin

What is a Dermasound Facial?

Our Dermasound Facial exfoliates, boosts product absorption, removes blackheads, and visibly improves texture. This treatment is great for clients with active breakouts because it kills bacteria instead of spreading it. The handpiece uses high-speed ultrasonic vibration (24,000 Hz to be exact) within the skin, effectively removing congestion to prime it for product absorption. We then infuse products to boost oxygen within your skin. Book your appointment now! 

How Much Does Dermasound Cost?

Our Dermasound Facial is $149. We recommend receiving this treatment every three weeks if we treat a specific condition, like acne. Then, once we have improved the condition, we can move to a maintenance schedule.

Is There Any Prep For This Treatment?

We can’t treat sunburned skin or skin that has any open wounds or rashes. We are also unable to treat anyone who has been on Accutane within six months. Other than making sure your skin is treatable, just come into your appointment and we will take care of the rest!

Are There Any Products I Should Be Using At Home?

Our estheticians can customize a skincare routine made just for you to help further improve your results from this treatment.

Is There Any Downtime or Recovery After This Treatment?

There is no downtime or recovery from this treatment. After your appointment, you may have some redness that will fade within a few hours. But most of our clients have reported that their skin improves even days after treatment.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes! Our estheticians at Beauty Lab + Laser are experts at skin care. They know what products to use to keep your skin glowing and fresh.

Who performs this treatment at Beauty Lab + Laser?

We have several AMAZING estheticians at Beauty Lab + Laser. Visit our “About Us” page and read about our laser and skincare gurus.

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