PDO Threads

PDO Threads

Need a Lift?

What are PDO Threads?

PDO threads are designed to subtly lift the facial features to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while encouraging collagen production for more volume and skin elasticity in the treated areas. The threads tighten your skin by inserting medical-grade thread material into your face and then “pulling” your skin up by tightening the thread. PDO threads come in a variety of textures for customized treatments. Mini- 4 threads, Full- 8 threads, Mega- 12 threads.

How Long do PDO Threads last?

Threads will dissolve within 3-6 months, at this time your body has new collagen in its place to support results. Two to three treatments are recommended for longest lasting results.

Does Getting PDO Threads Hurt?

We numb the area thoroughly! But, you can expect some mild discomfort during placement and a little bit of soreness the following couple of days.

Is There Any Downtime or Recovery After This Treatment?

Everyone is different- we have some BeautyLabbers who walk out of their appointments no worse for the wear… and others who tend to bruise and swell. It really depends on your own individual physiology and body chemistry! With any minimally invasive procedure, bruising of the treat area may occur along with the potential for swelling and is likely. Infection is rare, but with any injection or incision into the skin, the possibility
Most people do swell a bit… generally, the morning after your injections is when you are going to be the most swollen and sore. DON’T PANIC. This is normal. People who are prone to bruising may notice bruising after injections. Stay hydrated, avoid Ibuprofen before your appointment, and we recommend starting a course of Arnica Montana (a homeopathic remedy for bruising and swelling,) which we sell here for $12. Allergies to tape, suture material or topical preparations have been reported, but are rare. Allergic reactions may require additional treatment. Slight asymmetry, redness,
visible sutures, suture breakthrough may require additional treatment or removal of the sutures.
Avoid drastic mouth movements such as a wide open mouth (eating a hamburger) or pursing your lips (sipping through a straw) for 2 weeks.

Are There Any Products I Should Be Using At Home?

Our estheticians can customize a skincare routine made just for you to help further improve your results from this treatment.

How Much Do PDO Threads Cost?

It depends on how many threads are needed for correction. Our Mini treatment is 4 threads for $1200 (think the fine lines around your mouth, smoothing out your glabella, or lifting the brows.) Our Full treatment is 8 threads, and can be used mid-face for cheeks and jowls for $1600. Our Mega treatment is 12 threads, for cheeks, jawline and neck for $2000.

How Long will my Appointment be?

Your appointment for a Mini or Full treatment is 30 minutes, including consultation time, Mega is 45 minutes. Your time is precious, we don’t want to waste it!

Is There Any Prep For This Treatment?

To minimize your chances of bruising, we recommend avoiding ibuprofen and blood-thinning medications for 7 days before your injections. If you are prone to cold sores, you may want to start a course of treatment. Not sure what to do for cold sores? Just give us a call. 801-281-3223.

Can you feel PDO threads?

Not likely but, it can happen if the skin is thin. This will typically go away. We have seen the lumpiness go away within one month. You may be able to feel the threads, but this too will disappear within little time.

Who performs this treatment at Beauty Lab + Laser?

Laura Savage NP and Regan Brooks PA-C does our PDO thread treatment at Beauty Lab. Beauty Lab + Laser is in the top 3% for Allergan, the company who makes Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, and Kybella. We are the number one lip injection account IN THE NATION for Galderma, the makers of Restylane Kysse, Dysport and Sculptra. Before and Afters can be found on their instagram pages, in the “About Us” section of our website. Come see why we have the best injections in Utah!