Beauty Lab Tab

The Beauty Lab Tab is being discontinued on February 11th, 2023. When you want it all, and don’t want to wait… Put it on your tab! The Beauty Lab Tab lets you get treated now, and pay later. If you don’t want to set up a Beauty Lab Bank and get our VIP discounts, we always recommend checking out Care Credit. Care Credit is a financing company just for health and cosmetics, and they offer 6 months no interest. We LOVE care credit. You can easily apply and get approved at The great thing about Care Credit is that it qualifies you for all promotional discounts, and you won’t have to pay premium pricing like you would on the Lab Tab.

If Care Credit isn’t going to work for you, put it on your Lab Tab! The Beauty Lab Tab is our very own financing plan where your account is credited with $1200 to use throughout the year and you make a monthly payment of $200 each month for 6 months. There is a one time set-up fee of $49, and  it’s totally interest free and no credit checks required! When we set up your Tab, you will pay $249 here at the Beauty Lab (your set up fee and first payment,) and then you choose what day of the month you want your payment to come out for the following months until the loan is paid off.

The premium pricing for injections on the Lab Tab is:

  • Botox and Dysport $13/unit
  • Mini Lip Plump™ $375
  • Mini Lip Plump™ Upgrade to Full $350
  • Full Lip Plump $700
  • Mega Lip Plump™ $900
  • Check Your Bags™ $900
  • PuppetMaster $800
  • Custom Contour™ $900
  • Cheekbone Pop™ $900
  • Nose Contour $900
  • Cheekbone Double Pop $1600
  • Just The Jawline $2200
  • Mini Chin Up™ $650
  • ChinBella™ $1300
  • BraBella™ $1200
  • ThighBella™ $1300
  • BananaBella $1300
  • Slow and Steady Sculptra $850
  • Natural Pace Sculptra (2 vials) $1700
  • Injectable Smooth and Lift Sculptra w/ PRP $1100
  • O-Shot® $1300
  • Medical Weight Loss $275
  • B-12 Energy Injection $25
  • Fat-Blaster Injection $50
  • Double-Up B-12/Fat-Blaster $60

Premium Pricing for Laser and Esthetics:

  • Hydrafacial $175
  • Microneedling $250
  • Vampire Facial $450
  • Chemical Peel $99
  • Good to Glow $125
  • Vitalize Facial $175
  • Cupcake Facial $125
  • Stretch Mark Solution $275
  • Extra Small Area Laser Hair Removal $30
  • Small Area Laser Hair Removal $60
  • Medium Area Laser Hair Removal $85
  • Large Area Laser Hair Removal $115
  • Extra Large Area Laser Hair Removal $150

Premium Pricing for CoolSculpting:

  • “In a Pinch” Single Cycle of Coolsculpting $650
  • “Below The Belt” Two Cycles, one treatment $1200
  • “Top Shelf” Two Cycles, one treatment $1200
  • “Six Pack City” Two Cycles, one treatment $1200
  • “Arm Candy” Two Cycles, one treatment $1200
  • “Max Thigh Gap” Two Cycles, one treatment $1200
  • “Blazing Saddles” Two Cycles, one treatment $1800
  • Double Chin Two Cycles, one treatment $1200

The really great thing about the Beauty Lab Tab is that you can be treated now and then pay it off- you don’t have to wait until your money is banked like most other injection membership plans. If you would like to get set up for the Beauty Lab Tab, book an appointment, or email us!